The Perioperative Patient

Management Solution

Empowers ambulatory surgery units to cover every base while removing the need to call each patient, and applicable to every pathology, practitioner and patient.


SOVINTY / OVH Healthcare

SOVINTY pioneer of the perioperative follow-up solution,
Is one of the very first users of the OVH Healthcare (licensed HDS) solution.

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Designed for ambulatory/outpatient surgery,
3S Mobile supports the recovery period by providing,



Patient Monitoring





The right information to the right person at the right time.

Our Value Offer


Personnel is operative
in less than 20 minutes


Streamlines patient pathways


Protocols established
by your care teams


The top 20 ready to use
surgical checklists


Interoperability with your HIS

Progress report

Continued improvement based
on your figures


Healthcare facilities equipped with the 3S Mobile have noticed:

 Reduction in unnecessary re-hospitalisations

  • Reduction in consultations due to patient anxiety 84%

Including Pre-Op and Post-Op calls;
Provides optimal conditions for patient care throughout the perioperative period.
Our objective is to enable day-surgery, enhance recovery periods and identify early, on all possible post-op complications that may arise.


Director of Operations’ questions:

How quickly can 3S be deployed in the throughout the facility?

We know that facilities have no time to waste when it comes to using new software applications. That’s why 3S Mobile was designed to be installed and ready to use in just one day!

How will the patients connect to the system?
  1. The patients receives access code by text
  2. Connects to the application
  3. Receives message day before surgery to ensure readiness
  4. Fills in PREOPERATIVE checkilist
  5. Day of sugery at healthcare facility
  6. Monitoring continues after discharge
  7. POSTEPERATIVE follow-up begins the next day
  8. Follow-up carries patient through recovery period

Surgeon’s questions:

Will I constantly receive alerts from patients?

No! Parameters are pre-established for alerts. You set the thresholds. Therefore, you will only receive an alert for cases that you have decided require attention.

Does the Solution provide all information/instructions to my patients?

As you already know, patients tend to experience anxiety before an operation and therefore only retain about 20% of your instructions. Our solution will make sure that they receive the remaining 80%…

Nurse’s questions:

Will the Pre- and Post-Op calls still be necessary?

There are already not enough hours in one day to handle the workload. Our Solution indicates those who are in real need of being called, if any.

Won’t it be time consuming to explain how it works to patients?

Anyone from 7 to 77, or beyond, can understand how to use it!! No training is required. Patients just follow the instructions during the monitoring period.

If you should have any further questions, contact and we will be happy to help you.